Buses On Boats

Another girl sat down beside us and was slowly followed by someone else too. It seems we were becoming very sociable hermits! That is she looked like a girl but had the name of a boy: Bernard McCoy. “Hehe, that reminds me of Dr. McCoy in Star Trek. Yep that’s right, I’m a Trekkie! It’s genetic.” I giggled to her.

‘Bernard’ had called my name ‘original’, which was strange and certainly a first for my entire life. I’m just glad my parents didn’t decide to call me Angelina-Angel suits me so much better. Bernard had also babbled on (not that we mind babbling here, do we?) about Maths being great because it is a simple equation equalling a simple answer.

“You are so like my dad!” I laughed loudly, “He’s an engineer in the army, and a great fan of Maths. But, I disagree with what you said about creative writing, though you have a point. Some people, like me, have this thing where you have no idea what to write, load up a word document and type in a starter sentence, go away and watch a video on Youtube, come back and waffle your way through. For some reason, once I start typing it’s hard to cork up the flowing valve.”

“You, Bernard, are not the only one here who can babble on,” laughed Ellie, and when I punched her playfully in the arm, cried, “I meant both of us!” As we grinned at each other another boy arrived, and we introduced ourselves to him, and suddenly Spook appeared at my right shoulder.

“Gosh, are people on this boat like Buses? None arrive, then a whole load of them do! Oh my…” I rolled my eyes in mock annoyance. “Hey Spook.”

She started to talk with the new guy who had not given his name yet, but who seemed very eager to talk to Bernard. Luckily the girl (?) in question was now engrossed in Math talk with Seraphim/Ashton. Bleurgh, Maths! Nah that talk’s not for me.

“You wanna supervise our game of crash?” They soon asked me.

“Sure. What’s that?”

“It’s a Math game,” replied Ashton and he started to explain the rules. I nodded slowly, “Okay, I get it. What’s…4^8?”

And the game continued on like that for a bit. It was not hard to think of exponents, and it was amusing to see Bernard and Aston try and race against each other. They were equally good, and both tried to put the other off. I never thought Maths could be this fun!

The End

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