Seraphim: What the fragglesnaggers!

As Bernard answered all the questionFs for me I piqued up.

"They were talking to me. My name is Seraphim, or you can call me Ashton, either one works. I want to be a Math proffesor. And yes, Bernard, I agree with you. That is one of the up-sides about math. Right now I'm doing a daily project where using my math skills I'm trying to find out how many days can follow my date puzzle and then finding the percentage of the chances of finding a perfect day."

Bernard looked at me, excited.

"What's the date puzzle?"

"It's where you take all the digits of the date, like today for instance. 01, 16, 2010 and you take all the digits in their ones form. So you have 0,0,0,1,1,1,2 and 6. And so you put them in different equations using any system like addition, multiplication the like and any exponent and trying to make the counting numbers from one to a hundred."


At this Bernard takes out a piece of paper and begins to do the calculations.

"Sorry, I already did it. Using those numbers you cannot make the number 94, which makes this day not a perfect day."

Bernard nods, but decides to continue anyways.

"I have a couple other math games. There's this other one where you take the time, like right now for instance it's 9:24. You take that in a whole number so 924 and you try to find the prime factors of it. Which are," Does a series of calculations in his head. "2, 2, 3, 7 and 11."

Bernard looks in awe.

"Did you just do that in your head?"

"Yeah, why, can't you?"

Bernard shakes his head.

"Oh, well, there's this other game. Called crash, and you have at least three people. Two people have peices of paper and then the third person will say something like six to the power of nine (6^9) and then you work it out on paper, the one who finishes first wins."

"And what's six to the power of nine?"

"Umm," Grabs a calculator out of his cargo pant's pocket. Pushes in numbers. "10,077,696."

"Oh, so you can do large number addition in your head, you just can't do exponets?"

"Hey, exponents are particularly hard. I could do them, it would just take me a couple minutes."

He nodded, and then we began playing crash, with Angel as the third person.

The End

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