Interjecting. Loudly.

I swiftly grew bored skulking about the boat and decided to find someone to talk to. I saw a small group in one corner, including Pumpkin, Angel and some other guy I didn't know, curly-haired and bespectacled.

And second boy who, if I was blatantly honest, looked like something of a big muscly douchebag.

Typically, me being me, I ambled over and stuck my head over Angel's shoulder.

"Allo!" I said cheerily, "Who's the newbie?"

The guy with glasses looked at me, surprised by my sudden entrance. I grinned and, darting around Angel, looked him up and down before speaking again, at a speed I doubted he would understand.

"Heya! I'm Spook. Who might you be?"

What can I say, I'm a sociable critter.

The End

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