Bernard McCoy

"Nice name, original" I paused in thought and suddenly realised I was getting weird looks from Angel "Sorry, my name's Bernard, Bernard McCoy"

"Cool" Angel replied, still smiling. "And what brings you over to our corner, dude?"

I shrugged, trying to look cool "Heard you talking about unis, thought I'd join you"

"Yeah you were talking about Maths" the other girl replied.

"I love Maths!" I exclaimed. "I just love how all maths has one simple answer which is achievable by a simple calculation because in the end it's very easy overall- it just depends how well you work it out and whether it fits the answer. Not like creative writing, where you have to spend hours working out a variety of answers from many possible calculations at the same time as trying to entertain yourself and others" I paused and looked at Angel and the other girl, their faces appeared to have gone a little bit blank.

"Sorry...I babble a bit" I chuckled and sat in the corner with them, glad for their company. Before I'd been followed around by big muscly guys who kept calling me 'freak'  of course I was used to this and didn't think anything of it. Besides it was somewhat true that I had glasses and a slightly over the top curly hairstyle- but who cared anyway, I thought once they saw me hanging with these two, they'd leave me alone. At least until one of them, grinning inanely walked into the corner and started talking to Angel and her friend.

"Hey, I'm Angel" Angel grinned.

"Ellie" Angel's friend revealed.

"Bernard" I mumbled, bowing my head hoping he wouldn't recognise me.

"Hiya Bern"

The  annoying guy irritatingly grinned and introduced himself, extending a hand to Ellie first.

The End

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