I'm Not Taking Geography For GCSE

"Ellie is actually short for Gabrielle. Gabri-ellie, get it?" Ellie laughed and suddenly I was laughing too.

“Yeah! I do get it!” I said once my giggles had subsided, “Gabrielle is a beautiful name and I have a cousin with that name too!” We grinned at each other for a minute and shared this little similarity in today’s very different world.

I started to daydream when Ellie talked about where she was from. I had never been very good at pinpointing places on a map, and wished I had paid more attention in the very few Geography lessons I had. I finally pulled out of my mental-slumber when she said ‘GCSEs’. I nodded as she finished up by saying that her options were quite varied.

“What do you mean exactly by ‘up north’? It’s not a very specific term…I wish I’d paid more attention in Geography. Oh, and GCSEs? Yeah I’ve just started mine too (Year ten), but-as I said before- I like to plan ahead.” I grinned at Ellie again and she started to reply, but a smart-looking sixteen year old slid over to us and said,

I don't care what university I go to, just as long as I can be a Math Professor."

I smiled politely at him, and pouted, “I suck at Math…What about you Ellie?”

Then I extended a hand to the new ‘hermit’ (as we were turning out to be, sitting in our little corner, solitary)

“Angel Sumner and you are?”

The End

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