"Ellie is actually short for Gabrielle. Gabri-ellie, get it?" I laughed. Most of the time, I get confused looks when I say that to people.

"I live up North, so I would have to move if I went to Oxford or Cambridge. I could always go to Durham, or Newcastle, which are both closer to home, but I think I would prefer to be further away, for the experience, I guess." I smiled. "It's still a long way - I've only just started the whole GCSE process, so I'm not really thinking about it too much right now. If I did go, I would do something scientific, some sort of Literacy thing, or law. Yeah, my career options are pretty different."

I shut my mouth and tried to stop rambling. Even though I'm shy, when I get going I just can't stop. Angel seemed to understand.

"Meeting in a non-computerised life would be awesome." I sighed, speaking more to myself than anyone.

The End

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