World of The Elite

Pumpkin had re-introduced herself as Ellie. Nice name.

“Cool, Ellie,” I said, “I’m guessing that’s short for Eleanor or something…?” Without waiting for a reply, and acknowledging that her knee was alright, but kind of…icky, I rambled on.

“Yeah, I’m to hoping to get into Oxford Brookes when I’m older. It helps to live nearby,” I grinned, “Where do you live? Maybe some day, in a non-computerized life, we’ll bump into each other at University. That would be weird. But also pretty awesome! I’m not sure what to study though, Psychology or Astrophysics? I’m thinking probably Psychology as I love the study of the human mind. It’s such a fascinating thing!” I paused and realised I was really rambling this time.

“Sorry,” I said, glancing at Pumpk-sorry, Ellie. She didn’t look too overwhelmed and I guessed I wasn't the only one of us up for the Rambler For England prize. “When I get started on a subject I love you can’t shut me up for a while. Oxford is important to me and I have a couple of friends who go there, so…well you have to sit through me going on about my designed future.

“Welcome to the World of the Elite” I joked as I spread my hands wide, in acting mode again.

I rubbed the top of the laptop, a soft caress with the flat palm of my hand. Then looked up at Ellie and smiled, but this time this smile wasn’t an excited one, it was a genuine smile of love, loss and friendship.

The End

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