My Book!

I laughed, all the while eyeing my book which she'd placed by her side. I just hoped I didn't forget it...

"You're right, talking to live people is good. Are you alive? I mean, you could always be a vampire." I winked at her.

She rolled her eyes again, and I flushed red. Maybe I should try to keep my little obsession on the down low while I was here.

"As for my knee," I whinced, remembering the pain, but didn't dare to even look down at it - my blood soaked jeans were starting to get stiff as they dryed, and I knew it wouldn't be a nice sight. "It hurts. Quite alot. But I'll survive."

I wondered if hermit crabs ever stopped and had conversations. I don't remember ever seeing two of them together in the rock pools when I was little, but the memories were hazy and I could always be wrong. It could just be that hermit crabs liked to keep their reputation as, well, hermits, so hid whenever they saw some other lifeform staring down at them.

Angel was staring at me, and I snapped back to the present, aware that I probably had a very distant look on my face. What can I say? My mind likes to ramble to itself. Especially at night.

"You can call me Ellie, by the way." I said, trying to move on. "You were researching Oxford?" I asked, nodding towards the now-closed laptop on her knee. "I want to go to one of the 'elite' universities, too."

The End

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