Look At Us...

Back on the boat, I sat in one of the corners, my eyes scanning across the screen of my laptop as the GOOGLE search results for 'PGCE Oxford Brookes' came up. I was tempted to bite at my fingernails-then realised how stupid that would be as (a) the nail polish on them would not taste good, and (b) I like to keep my nails long anyway. Biting them would be reviving a silly long-lost habit. RomancingTheTurkey had decided to stay on te beach with her new...'friend', but I knew she'd be back someday. Sometime I'd see her again. And I had a feeling it would be sometime soon.

It took me a while to realise that Pumpkin had just sat down next to me. Deeply interested in her book, she had not noticed me either. I looked across at her; the book she was reading was Eclipse. I rolled my eyes.

"Hi Pumpkin," I announced, calmly lifting the novel from her hands.

"Hey!" She said, but as I grinned at her, a cheeky little grin spread across her face back at me.

"Look at the two of us! Sitting in a corner like...hermits or something... I know some books are fun to get lost in but have you ever though of socialising? Okay...I know I'm not really getting involved either..."

We giggled at each other and I close my laptop.

"Talking to live people is good, you know! How's your leg, by the way?"

And so, our boat journey continued pretty much like that, with two hermits sitting in one corner talking.

The End

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