Arguments with Me

"Seraphim!" I squeaked, administering one of my famous bear hugs. I only hang on for a few seconds, but its' long enough for him. I think I may be squashing his ribcage.

"Right," I say, talking to myself this time, "Let's think. Parachuted in from a general thattaway direction, beach is over-here-sorta so the house everyone's talking must be... right-about-there-ish!"

Hummer and Seraphim give me confused looks. I grin, "Sorry, talking to myself. I do that a lot."

Yeah, you do. It's the third sign of madness you know.

Shut up!

Oh, and the fourth is answering.

 I said shut it Annoying Little Voice In The Back Of My Head!

Wait... that's me isn't it.

Ah. Right.


The End

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