I watched the dead, squished spider be dragged back off of the sole of Spook's foot and onto the sand, cringing. 

"Spook one, Sipder zilch!" I burst out laughing with Spook as we danced across the beach happily, taking thousands of photos. 

When evening was beginning to fall, I rounded everyone up for a group meeting-ish thing, we sat on the sand. "Everyone, I think we need to sail back to the beach. I mean the other beach. I don't know about you guys but I am pretty hungry and it'll be dark soon. I'd like at least a sofa to sleep on rather than spider-infested sand." I gave a giggle and everyone agreed except for Turkey. 

"Hotty has arrived and I don't want to leave!" she crossed her arms and pouted, nodding over to a group of tourists with a tall handsome boy standing in the centre, grinning. 

"W-O-W! He's mine!" I giggled, which I seemed to be doing a lot of lately.

"No way bird, finders keepers losers weepers. He's mine, but i'm not leaving until he does." she sighed happily and leaned in to gaze at him. I clicked my fingers in front of her face to get her attention and she blinked, looking up at me. 

"He'll be back at the beach, and you'll have plenty of time to see him again! Everyone let's go!"

The End

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