The Bug Brigade

I snickered and examined Hummer's spider. It wasn't particularly big, nor venomous looking. A rather puny specimen if I did say so myself.

None the less, no spider scared my friends. Here comes the Bug Brigade.

"Fear me thou eight-leggedy-bug-thing!" I cried in a dramatic voice, raising my bare foot and pointing with my toes, "Prepare to be squished by the great Foot of Squishing-ness!"

With that I brought my foot down, flattening the spider and leaving a stain on my foot. I strick a pose and said, loudly, "I am victorious! The evil arachnid is no more, for it has been vanquished by... by... ME!"

I pulled a face and cackled, wiping the spider remains off my foot onto the sand. Hummingbird erupted into fits of giggles, I grinned and stuck my tongue out.

"Spook One, Spider Zilch." I said truimphantly.


The End

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