I threw my bag on the sand and fell on the floor, looking up the cloudless, sun-filled sky. Then, randomly, I shook my legs and arms up and down, attempting to make a sand angel.

The sand shook around me, and began to itch and stick to my damp body. Then once it got into my hair, I looked up to see Spook standing in front of me; half dazed and completely confused. "What are you doing?" she asked happily.

I sat up and shook my now half dry hair, letting the sand out and wiped at my body, itching once or twice. "I was making a sand angel. But I stopped because now it's just itchy." I gave a small giggle.

"Sand angel? Mind if I join?" she asked, lying down on the sand as we both made our angels. Then afterwards, stood up and looked at them.

I laughed, "Yours is the best." Then gave a high-pitched scream.

"SPIDER!!!" I began to run around the beach in circles like mad, I hate spiders. Anything remotely small or creepy just makes me shiver. Spook laughed like crazy, imitating me. I glared at her, and punched her arm playfully. "Don't make fun...they seriously creep me out!"

The End

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