Pictures of Chris

I was now back on the boat , feeling its soft, comforting rocking, like a mother's warm hug. I paused in my train of thought. No! I had come here to get away from mothers.

I had also come here to get away from my emotions-to generally have a break. And here I was thinking of Chris; looking through pictures of him...

I felt a hand on my shoulder and vaguely saw Romancing sit down beside me.

"Chris, huh?" She said, looking at the brown-haired 20-something's pictures. He was dressed in a navy jumper and jeans with black sunglasses over his normal spectacles to complete the outfit. In the same photo it was dark but that was all we could see of the man's surroundings.

"Christopher Daniel," I told Romancing, savouring the taste of the gorgeous man's name. "Way out of my league...

"Anyway," I said, closing the lid of my laptop with a snap. I had had my eyeful for the day and Romancing didn't need to know any more.

"What happened with your 'boy-hunting'?"

Changing the subject was going to be the best thing for cheering me up right now. 

The End

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