Nobody but Chris

Inspired by my talk of romance, the girl with that similar name said to me, “Instead of marriage someday, how about today?”  She was grinning at some tall guy who had just walked onto the beach. It was obvious that any normal girl would have called him ‘fit’ and swooned when he looked in their direction. But I wasn’t a normal girl.

“I can see his appeal, but I’m not getting married-I’m only 14 remember. And anyway, I’m not giving myself to anyone except my lovely Chris.” The wickedly sexy glint in my eyes did more than match Romancing’s grin. She raised her eyebrows and I smirked at an idea.

“But…if you like him, why don’t you…” I dropped my voice to a whisper, “Why don’t you ‘drop’ that coconut again-this time in his direction of course-and see where everything goes from there.”

I watched with joy as she started to do as I had suggested, but my mind was not really concentrating on her. My laptop was on the boat, along with my heart…

The End

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