Chasing A Coconut

Romancing had just given Cherry and I half of a pork bun each. I’m not really a fan of pork but I was so hungry that it just had to be gobbled up quickly and, a little, greedily. This soon satisfied my grumbling stomach; I don’t have to eat much when I am excited or busy-but then later I end on getting hungry again. I was just hoping Romancing had something else in those huge pockets of hers, and had just opened my mouth to continue our previous conversation when she mentioned a coconut of hers and ran over to the leafy palm trees where I had first met her to collect it.

“So, Cherry,” I said, turning to my new friend, “What is your opinion on stuff? And, more importantly, what’s your star sign?”

Before the girl could answer, a coconut rolled past her feet, at rapid pace, furry and brown, and I had a sudden worry that anyone lying down could actually be quite severely hurt by it. It took me a second longer to realise that this was the said coconut of Romancing, running away.

We both glanced at each other for a moment then burst out giggling. It was difficult to see Romancing as the type to chase a coconut across a deserted beach. My mind paused a second. On the other hand it really wasn’t hard! As she passed the two of us, Romancing called out, “Coconut!”

I grinned cheekily at Cherry and quickly set off at a jog towards Romancing and her runaway lunch. Skidding on the sand, I soon managed to catch up with them and swung round dramatically to lodge my foot in front of the running coconut. Unfortunately the speed of my jogging and the motion of the swing unbalanced my body, and I collapsed onto the damp sand on the shoreline. Oh well, we’re on a beach. I shouldn’t have expected to stay immaculate for long!

Romancing grinned down at me as I passed the (slightly sandy) meal up.

“I like being a Taurus. I’m a very stereotypical one: stubborn, persevering and arrogant, but faithful!” I replied to the past conversation as she helped me up. Cherry turned up beside me too and now I glanced at both of them when I rambled on. “Oh, and I like the name ‘Mrs. P Sumner’ too. It’s pretty. I m not married (obviously) but sometimes I’d quite like to be!”

The End

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