As I enjoyed half a pork bun (thanks to Romancing) to fulfil my very empty stomach, me and Angel were told to stay where we were. We watched Romancing trip over again, this time over a coconut which I presumed was hers. The coconut rolled in the direction where E.Honey and Plurality were.

"Wait! Catch that coconut!" Romancing shouted, "Please!"

Suddenly, E.Honey ran over to a group of people standing around something, maybe just to see what was going on. I walked over to Romancing with Angel. Plurality picked up the coconut, threw it to me and helped Romancing up. 

"Are you alright?" I asked Romancing, and giggled, "Is this one of your habits.....falling over?" Romancing was about to answer back when E.Honey shouted,

"Somebody is hurt, I think the need our help!"

"Shall I go see what's going on? Ok, I'll be back in a bit." I answered myself. What the heck am I on about? I thought. Nevertheless, I handed the coconut to Romancing then ran over to the group of people near a small group of trees. They stood round an unconscious person, discussing what to do. Her palm was bleeding and her leg/jeans was covered in blood.

"Ouch," I said, "That looks.....painful."

"Hey," Some one said, "Her bag's over here. Someone come look through it and see if anything helps. I'll go find some water."

I was closest to the bag so I bent down, opened it and rummaged through the stuff inside. Romancing, Angel, and Plurality joined the group.

" I hope she doesn't mind me looking through her bag." I muttered.

What a find! The book Eclipse was in the bag, I flipped over the front page and written on it was, "This amazing book belongs to Pumpkin."

"Her name's Pumpkin." I called out. Out came a t-shirt, and inside smaller pockets were some tissues and a few plasters, she was prepared for anything!

"Um...." I began, "We can try wrapping the t-shirt around her knee, and maybe clean a bit off with tissue and get a plaster on her palm." Everyone started to help here and there, I saw Romancing put her coconut down and spotted the coconut rolling away. Again.

"Coconut!" I cried, and ran after it.

The End

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