I looked up from my book, and noticed a crowd of people wandering into the trees. I could hear them muttering about food from here.

Sitting here on the Island, I hadn't seen them arrive. I guess it's because when I start reading something good, I really can't stop. Right now, it's Eclipse.

Yeah, I'm a twi-hard. Don't kill me.

I shoved the book back into my bag - the moment had been ruined - and stood up. The soft sand shifted under my feet as I sauntered towards the place I saw the rest of them disappear into the darkness of the trees.

As I came closer to the crowd weaving through the trunks, I began to catch glimpses of people I knew. There was Anna, the girl who started the protagonize bus. What a journey.

And then hummingbird was there too, author of Amelia the wizard. I wondered if she was anything like her character.

Spook I recognised too. Always slightly crazy, a fellow reader of 'War of the Forgotten'. I giggled at the memory of her obsession.

SumnerzAngel I also saw. Another writer on the bus.

The red light from the sunset filtered through the branches as we walked, scattering off the blue sequins on my converse. No one had noticed me yet, and I planned to keep it that way.

And then I tripped on a root and fell on my face.

So much for that.

I felt a sharp twig dig into the palm of my hand and a pain in my knee. As I twisted around, I could already feel the dizziness threatening to send me under.

"Ugh, blood." I gasped, as I felt the sticky wetness soaking through my jeans.

And then I passed out. Maybe it wouldn't have been such a bad thing if I'd informed someone of my presence...

The End

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