Let's Go!

I sighed and fell on the sand, a few pairs of eyes looking down at me, "Don't worry, I'm okay, I just think I need to sleep again." I yawned loudly and snuggled myself up in the sands warmth. It was atleast 9:00pm at night and the sun was still setting. After closing my eyes for a second, I shot them open again.

"It will get dark. We have to make a fire or we'll be sitting in the dark!" I shouted, and everyone ran out of the woods and looked. I looked in Plurality's direction, "you have matches, it would be good if some of us found some wood and made a fire," I looked in the other direction at everyone else, "the rest of us should find some big leaves in the forest and make a shelter for all of us, then find food," I looked around at everyone.

"Okay, lets go!" Spook said happily, running into the forest with a few others as the rest of us began to make a fire.

The End

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