"Do you have any clue of where to look for food?"

I considered my response for a second or too, before voicing it.

"Well, if no one has any better ideas, we can make some fishing nets. I think I saw some netting in that boat we came in, and I know if we snap down some saplings, we can use them to keep the net supported. Oh, and I have some matches in my pocket, for if we catch any fish!"

"Wouldn't it be easier to eat coconuts, like that girl over there?" E.Honey gestured vaguely towards where a dark haired girl was conversing with a fair-haired girl. She was right, one of them had a coconut.

I deflated somewhat. "Erm, yeah, sure. Coconuts. But they're not as fun as making fishing nets." My sentence was punctuated by me shuffling the sand with my foot, and looking surly.

The End

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