A cherry writes

So there I was, shoulder to toe, deep in sand. It was a dare, my friend decided to dig a deep hole, dare me to stand in it, then fill it up to my neck. I had always wanted to be covered in sand throughout my 12 years of life, I hoped someone would find me and dig me out. I sighed, feeling the warm breeze of the sea swifting through my longer than shoulder length but shorter than elbow length blacky brown hair. At least a little bit of my hair was sand-free...the rest.....not so sand-free.

Anyway, I saw a person who i later found out was called RomancingtheTurkey fall face first into the sand. I was quite surprised actually. I thought maybe she would come join me and chat about sand and how horrible it tasted. Then another person came along and pulled her up. Well, my wish didnt come true, i thought. I wanted to shout at them, to ask them to come and dig me out, but they looked so comfotable that I decided not to disturb them talking. From talking about being alone on the beach, they moved onto red sunsets and foggy sunrises and how beautiful the beach looked. Then they stood up and started strolling on the dry sand. In the opposite direction to me. NO! I thought.

"EXCUSE ME!!" I shouted as loud as I could. "EXCUSE ME! Sorry to interrupt you! I'm behind you!" I saw them turn their heads in confusion and hoped they saw me. Then they spotted my head, and the looks on their faces spelt - you're weird, very, very, weird. But I don't mind, I must have looked really weird, and I would've laughed at myself.

Nevertheless, the two very kind people came over and dug me out with the spade that stood upright next to my head. And the two persons stroll became a three.

The End

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