Romancing an Angel

I was just watching Thor start to lead some of the group away to find food when suddenly a short girl flumped down near to where I was standing. It really was an onomatopoeic moment as her body fell into the soft sand.

She glanced up at Plurality and E. Honey as they walked away, helpless that they hadn't really stopped to converse with her. At least they had seen her, I thought, with a slightly jealous, sneering voice in my head. As usual I was merely a ghost amongst these shining, shining mortals.

“The name’s RomancingTheTurkey,”  She said before giving a stunning grin with equally stunning teeth, despite the gritty granules of sand between them.

Extending a hand I helped Romancing up, saying as I did so,

"I'm Angel. Or you can call me Mrs. P Sumner...But I wouldn't ask about that if I were you...

As you can probably see, I like helping people, can go unnoticed for at least five minutes, and am a bit of a dreamer." I paused to take in a big breath before my next speech, then quickly continued, "The others have gone for food...It was my idea originally, but like I said: nobody takes much notice of me. Oh, and my starsign is Taurus!"

I let Romancing take in this wad of information before asking, "How about you? Tell me something about yourself. What do you think? And, by the way, is there some shorter name I could call you? 'RomancingTheTurkey' is quite a mouthful!"

I wondered for a second what she'd think of all this. Questions are my forté, you see. Given the chance I could ask them, at everything, all day. Speaking about myself, on the otherhand, was more of a task. Although I had already some snippets of information stored incase any other of our travellers asked about me, it was still a difficulty speaking to a stranger. I suppose I took her inablity not to say much because of the sand, a little too far into my court. Perhaps used it a little too much for my advantage.

Looking around I noticed, quite suddenly, that the beach was practically empty now. Far from being disturbed, I felt peaceful.

I leant back on the sand and said slowly, "Well, it looks like we're the only ones left here."

The End

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