As the Sun Sets

I was having a decent old natter with E.Honey, when out of nowhere I was splash-ambushed by a wet looking girl who'd I seen earlier with some art materials.

"Oi!" I shouted, although I wasn't really annoyed. Water, especially warm, Pacific water, had never really bothered me much. I was tempted to get revenge, but judging by my target's appearance, she wasn't bothered by a little splashing either.

She mentioned something about drying her hair, a likely story, then wandered off, enquiring loudly about food, stomach grumbling as she went.

This was something I could agree with, food is a necessity, not a luxury. And I hadn't had any in at least 3 hours. Or, at least I assumed so. Watches had never held any appeal for me, time seems so limiting when you're trying to accomplish something.

"Food sounds like a good plan. You hungry?" I added, aware that I had been ignoring E.Honey.

"I could eat." She said, with a smile.

As the sun set over the sparkling blue sea, I wondered, where were we going to find food on a deserted Hawaiian island?'


The End

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