I smiled. Lynn. Another nice name. We ran around in the water, kicking it about and pushing each other over, giggling. Finally we collapsed in the water, watching the setting sun. By then I'd taken my boots off. I had a towel in my bag, all was good.

"I'm Hummingbird," I smiled. She was around my age, that was good.

"Cool," she sniggered happily. "Sorry about getting your drawing wet," she smiled.

"Eh, it's okay. It's wasn't even good, just a scrap you know," I sighed. 

"Come on, lets get dry, it'll get dark soon." she smiled and we got out of the water, tired from our water fight. I slumped over to my bag and onto the sand. I took my towel out and dried my hair, shaking it everywhere. 

I splashed some boy with it who shouted, "Oi!" I laughed. 

"Sorry!" I waked over to him, I think his name was...Plurality. He was talking to E.Honey. "Sorry about that, just, drying my hair," I smiled. 

"No problem," I walked over to Thor, still rubbing at my hair.

"Hey Thor, when are we going to find some food! I'm starving!" my belly made a loud grumble and everyone laughed. 

The End

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