A Change of Pace

When my first hailing of Thor went unheard, I decided to leave it for a minute, and at least see what else was going down. I turned to examine the island properly, when I saw another member of our ragtag group making a petition to Thor. Her clothes were somewhat mismatched, but it's not like my sense of fashion is anywhere near catwalk standard. Unless you count an alley around the back of ASDA a catwalk, of course.

"Bonjour!" Hey is so last chapter. Recieving a strange look in response to my foray into the French linguistic system I rapidly stumbled to make a better impression.

"Oh don't worry, I'm not really French. My name's Plurality by the way. If you were wondering." I'm not much good at introducing myself. I usually leave it to someone else to make the pleasantries. I'll be the one standing around raving to the beeping noise the traffic lights make.

"So, you do these kinda' things often?"

The End

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