I began shading in the light of the sun on the water when something splashed me violently in the face. I gasped and wiped it, looking up to see a girl giggling. Please don't drag me into a water fight...not now! I thought, then shaking my head I snarled evilly. I stood up and stomped towards her angrily.

She stood shaking, my face inches from hers with her hands raised in apology. I glared down at her and she looked back defencelessly at me. "Never. Throw. Water. At me. Ever. Again. Understand?!" I yelled. She nodded violently and I burst out laughing. "And I thought I was a bad actress!" I giggled and she looked at me.

"What?" she asked. I ran over to the sea and cupped some water in my hands, throwing it in her face. She yelped. 


The End

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