Angel on The Beach

We arrived just I had finished posting a new chapter on ‘Metropolitan Magic’, and was starting to dread returning to ‘Protagonize Bus’ after my absence. It was quite a short boat journey, but you can’t drag me away from Protagonize. I love it too much!

Everybody was already off the boat now whilst I stayed down in the little room below. Gathering my stuff I decided it would be nice if I ventured outside. Someone jumped from the boat and the splash they caused flew up onto the decking and soaked into my converses. Ew! Not my favourite feeling!

Carefully stepping down from the boat I saw a couple of the group looking apprehensively into the sea around the island. There, I detected was a grey animal moving in the waters-a shark? No, it couldn’t be a shark; the eyes were too big, there were no teeth, and sharks don’t normally come this close to beaches. Oh, and I could see Spook and hiding beneath it. "Oh, My, Goosh, Spook you are too funny!" I laughed.

Then I noticed one girl, a little distant from the others, not joining in with the crazy water fight. She was staring, annoyed, at water on a pad of paper she had. Then I saw the pencils. Hummingbird was drawing. I moved closer to her and gently leaned in towards her picture.

“Hey, Hummingbird are you okay? What are you drawing?”

She looked up at me, quietly surveying me uncertainly, like a true nectar drinking bird. “Hang on, a sec…” I said before turning away and calling to Thor.

“Hey, Thor, not meaning to sound spoilsport-y,” is that a word? “But, I think some of us are hungry now, and, perhaps, a little bored. Are we doing anything that can involve the whole group?”

The End

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