Jumping in unannounced

I'd been lagging behind for the last hour or so, trying to think about what to say. All these people seemed to charismatic, and energetic. I'd already witnessed someone parachute in from God knows where, and a few girls were practically vibrating with pent-up excitement.
"Am I old enough to ask myself if I'm too old for this yet?"
Phrasing confusing questions to myself was a somewhat bad habit of mine. But, no matter, at least it was one that was socially acceptable. Which makes a change, really. Who knew people grew uncomfortable when you replied to polite enquiries in iambic pentameter? Certainly not me, until one of my dear friends informed me that it's 'not quite normal'.
Not quite normal. Much like this gathering, then.
"So I fit in by not fitting in then?" I asked.
I talk to myself too much.
I suppose I could go join in with everybody.
No one's going to talk to me if I don't at least try and make an effort. That tanned dude looks in charge, I think his name was Thor.
"Hey, Thor! How's it going?"

The End

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