Walking back out of the thick forest and onto the sand I noticed that everyone was back on the beach. Oh, where had they been then?I asked myself, smiling at how overjoyed all of them were.

Spook and Uber had painted a boat to look like a shark, and everyone was having excited waterfights. I smiled and sat, hoping that I wouldn't be forced to join in. Water and wet sand mixed in my boots, not so comfortable.

I opened my saddle bag, my bottle of water was nearly empty but it didn't bother me much. I scrambled through it to see a few sheets of scrap paper and pencils. I grabbed a crumpled plain piece of paper and a scratched pencil, starting to draw the shark boat and the horizon.

I'm very happy here. I don't think anything could bring me down now. Not even someone calling me fat, ugly and stupid. Well...maybe that would *giggle*.

The End

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