When Spook splashed me, I was after her in a moment. I tipped over a random boat, and came up out of the water, under cover of the boat. Spook swam under the boat She knew that I was hiding there. We pushed the boat over to where Thor was standing on the beach. We saw him frown, and walk towards the boat. Spook grinned at me, and I grinned back. As Thor flipped the boat over, we threw water over him, and ran after the boat. I pulled it onto the beach.

I cut a piece of wood from another boat, and fixed it to the reverse of this one. Spook sat by me, and she pulled some paints out of my bag. We painted fins on the side, and painted it gray. Big, black shiny pebbles were glued on as eyes. From a distance, it could have counted as a real shark. Spook and I hauled it  into the water again,so that the top fin poked out of the water, ready to cause mayhem.

The End

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