Spook + Water = TROUBLE!!!

The moment Uber splashed water at me, it was war. I leapt off the boat, attempting for an elegant dive but ending up with more of a face-plant, stood up and looked for something to splash.

When I saw Uber on the beach, my eyes lit up. Target confirmed. Prepare to take aim.

Loosing my evillest laugh, I picked up a handful of water and flung it straight at her. She may already have been sopping wet but the look on her face as cold sea water no-doubt wooshed up her nose, coupled the sight of my victory dance, made her look like a rather startled puppy that's been put through the washing machine.

I turned on Anna next, drenching her bottom half as she sat on the side of the boat.

"Come and get me Oh Damp One!" I called brazenly, "I thought you Navy types liked wet stuff!"

With that I plunged under the water and hugged the bottom, ready to ambush any unsuspecting victims.

Cue the Jaws theme tune.

The End

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