I awoke from a sleep to a pink sky and a setting sun just above the horizon.I smiled. that was probably the nicest waking up I had ever had. Then wiping my eyes clear of sleepy's, I looked around to see nothing but sand and a forest.

Well, you know what I'm like, always exploring, lets hope everyone's in the forest! I thought, opening my brown leather saddle bag, taking out my camera bag and hanging my camera on my neck, then putting my it back in my saddle bag, I took a swig of my water and set off on my journey. 

I stopped occasionally, taking pictures of exotic animals I had never seen before. It was still light out, but If it got dark I had a torch in my saddle bag. I always have one, just in case. Searching around and finding nothing, I saw a cocoanut. It was quite low on a tree so I stretched on my toes and pulled it off of the palm tree. 

Hmm, nothing like a good cocoanut. I thought happily.

The End

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