A hunt for birds and food.

I ran onto the island with the others the begining of our big adventure. It was so beautiful out here. The boat was moored up and everyone stood and laughed on the shore of the island. My stomach grumbled loudly. "Hmm. Anyone got any food?" I questioned the group but most seemed to look round to the others. Probably realising that they hadn't eaten in a while.

"Well I think its time we got something to eat dont you?" Someone piped up. I'm constantly hungry anyway so of course I agreed. I hoped it wouldn't be camp food. Are there any houses or restraunts on this place or is it wild and uninhabited.I would love it so if it was the second. I would feel like a real explorer, but then again I like my creature comforts.

Ok so is everyone here? Spook began climbing a rather large rock.

"Hey look what I found." She calls us all up and points at some tiny bird eggs in a nook in the rock

"Never seen one of these before." Savetheunicorns smiles, gently stroking a large looking one.

Hehe they are the same colour as the top humingbird is wearing... speaking of hummingbird where is she?

"Hey has anyone seen Hummingbird?" I scan the crowd.

"Maybe she went up exploring" Someone suggested. It didn't seem right. I didn't feel good about this.

The End

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