"Yeah, ropes are definately a good thing to have, but we have a ton on the boat already, just so you know, because sailing definetly requires alot of ropes . . ."  I replied to spook as she gave me all of the ropes off of her Parachute.

"Oh . . ."

Hummingbird had already gotten into the small rowboat, along with a few others, so we swam them out to the large sail boat, and poured in.

It was rather crouded.  It wasn't that big of a boat, but it was pretty fun anyway.  Most of the people went below deck, because there was a small, and rather convienent room down there, but me and a few others stayed up at the top. 

 It only took ten minutes before getting there, but I had the the motor in, because the wind was too chopy and going every which way for us to sail with, and when we got close enough to the island I had to drop the anchor and lift up the motor.

I stretched.  It'd been awhile sense I'd been to the mokes last.  I jumped into the water, falling only a few feet before hitting the soft, sandy bottom.

The End

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