Pretty Name

I smiled at Anna, "Well!....I actually have no idea, like most things!" I exclaimed, smiling. Thor ran up to me.

"I have a plan Hummingbird! We have a boat!" he shouted happily.

"Yay! Let's go on this adventure then! Everyone lets hop in!" A few jumped into the water and a few got into the boat, along with me. I put my camera in my bag and kept it inside, incase it got wet.

Hoping that the rain cloud would disapear, we set off on our wonderful adventure, laughs and giggles surrounding us. I smiled to Anna.

"I like your name, it's really pretty." I smiled and she turned and grinned.

"Thanks!" she said happily, "I love meeting new people,"

Save the unicorn looked up, "Me on the other hand, doesn't," together we all laughed as the sun slowly began to pop up out of the clouds.

The End

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