Meeting Hummingbird.

We seemed to have given up the attempt to get the far out boat. Prehaps Thor had another plan. Spook went off to talk to him grabing her old ropes as she went. She might be an army CCF girl but I'm Navy CCF! (Combined Cadet Force) Sailing and ropes are my thing!

The girl with the camera (and nice shoes) came over to me and introduced herself as Hummingbird. She seemed to know me from before somewhere but I can't remember seeing her. I'm glad I've joined this story though because I'm happy to have met her now.

She seems really nice, looks like this adventure is going to be a real bit of fun to be on with such nice people. Old freinds and new.

"So why do you call youself Hummingbird?" I inquire.

The End

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