When Thor turned away to talk to Hummingbird, I started staring off into space in that wierd way I have.

Then I spotted my utterly shredded parachute hanging from the tree. And the ropes still holding it there.

I had a lightbulb moment. "EUREKA!" I shouted and, feeling distinclty proud of myself, scrambled up the tree and started separating the ropes from the parachute. After a good ten minutes of epic struggling with one particularly nasty knot, the last rope fell to the ground. I jumped out of the tree after them, almost flattening a couple of people below me.

Whoops. Note to self: Look before you jump. Or at least holler loudly.

Picking up the mass of ropes, I trotted back over to Thor and dumped my prize at his feet. He looked at me in a somewhat confused manner, but I just grinned and said:

"If we're going on a boat you never know when you can use a spare bit of rope. Also, when it comes to adventuring, ropes are VERY useful. Particularly if you're going somewhere with a lot of steep edges or boggy hillsides. I know all about those. I'm British."

The End

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