I Have an Idea!

Spook walked over to me.  "So how are we going to get Hummingbird to the boat?"  She asked me.

I pondered this a moment.  "Um . . . Wait.  I have an idea!"  I almost shouted.  I ran back up to the house, and came out holding a sort of small, inflatable row boat.  "She can sit in this while we swim her out there!  I'd really like to show you guys the mokes."

"Sure that that rain cloud over the horizon isn't gonna bother us?"  Spook asked. 

"Well, it may come here, but the worst it'd do is rain a little.  If there were bad waves it wouldn't be anything the boat couldn't handle."


"Hummingbird!"  I called to over to hummingbird as she snapped a few more pictures of AJ posing for her.  "We have a proposition for you!"

The End

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