Getting Acquainted

Several other people arrived as I idly sat on the beach, my eyes to the sky. It was the lightest, purest blue I had ever seen, and it was warmed up by soft, faint streaks of pink. Every now and then I would avert my gaze and look at those around me. I saw Spook and UberEvilAngel warmly embrace each other and giggle merrily. Everyone seemed to know one another extremely well. I inwardly cursed my shyness and social awkwardness.

               What do I have to lose? I asked myself. They’re all passionate writers like me. It shouldn’t be so hard to strike up a conversation.

               Timidly, I walked over to a teenage girl nearby who had just broken open a coconut. “Where are you from?” I asked her. “I mean, stories and otherwise.”

               She smirked as she poured a bottle of water into the coconut, drinking it down in one gulp. “Many times, and many places.”    

The End

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