Meeting Anna

Spook and a girl smiled as I took photos of the them. They posed happily then Spook went off and chatted to Uber, I slowly walked up to the girl I took photos of.

"You're Anna's aren't you?" I asked, she turned and nodded happily.

"You can call me Anna though," she sniggered. I smiled, for probably the 14th time today, but then again...nothing wrong with having a good smile once in a while!

"So..." I slowly let my shoe turn from side to side in the sand, rubbing it a little. "I think I have met you somewhere..." I pondered.

"You have?" she asked.

"You're a friend of Spook and Elorithryn, I'm a friend of them too, I know I've read your profile on Protagonize before though."

"Hmm," she mumbled, looking out to the sea then looking back to me, "You can't swim?" she asked.

"Erm..." I chuckled in embarrassment, "Nahh, I'm just hoping Thor will be able to get the boat here so I can go on the adventure with you!"

The End

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