A bit of confusion.

"¡Eh!! Spook! ¿Cómo estás? Pues parece que estamos en una playa y ... Que pasa?"

Spook slowly raises one eyebrow. After taking some time to think she comes out with the statement; "Was that English?"

Haha poor Spook, the temptation to say "Was what English?" was overwhelming but I managed to resist somehow.

"No, You said my freind in Spanish and I asumed you could speak it as I do." I sniggered at the confused looking hyperactive Spook. "Well like I just said in spanish we are on a beach, all I know is that we need that boat." I point vaugly out in the floating vessels direction. The waters shallow but someone needs to go get the boat.

"Doesn't having shallow water defeat the object of a boat?" Asks Spook questioningly. I was stuck for an answer.

"Well I supose it does but we need to get to an island somewhere I think. Thor mumbles when I'm not paying attention." I sigh. "I supose we'll find out soon enough anyhow. Hey maybe we should go get it while its still big enough to fit the people here!"

Spook and I nod, posing for epic looking photos on the waters edge with the girl who has a camera, and particularly nice shoes I think to myself, before slowly walking into the water and joining a few others who were already in knee deep. It wasn't as cold as we thought.

The End

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