Ohmygods so many people! Wowowow this is so cool! Maybe a disfunctional parachute wasn't so bad after all... OW BRUISES.... okay, maybe it was.

I'm whizzing up and down the beach, full speed and laughing like a maniac. My jeans (utterly shredded at the knees and stained all over with gods-know what else) are wet around the bottom from my little escapade in the sea and my tank top (camoflage pattern) is riding up around my tummy. I pull it back irritably. I hate people seeing my tummy. I'm working on flattening it out, but that stubborn little strip of puppy fat just won't go. The rest of me's fine though.

I scramble over to Anna, who appears to be pulling sand out of her shoes. I snicker and bounce up and down a bit, still rather hyper on all the adrenaline in my system.

"So so so mi amiga," I say, in a very bad Spanish accent, "What be happenin' around here? What'sa going on?"

Yes yes yes, I need explanations.. before my head implodes that is.

The End

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