As per normal I’m being ignored. I swear people hate me…or maybe I’m being paranoid…One of my best friends told me that I was a little more than slight paranoid just before I decided to go on this…trip. Well, we’re not going very far at the moment.

 I get out my emergency lip-gloss and start applying it to my already over-make-uped lips; I love Barry M lip-gloss, just like I love Barry M nail polish for my claw-like nails. I wouldn’t call them ‘Witch-like’ but I would say long and mostly-semi-perfect. They’d never be perfect-perfect-I believe that no human is ever perfect…I believe the highest you can get to is demi-perfect! I laugh at the oddness of my mind and turn to the source of a familiar voice. Spook is being helped out of a tree by a pretty girl (wearing very fancy shoes) who, by the sounds of their exchange, is called Hummingbird.

 “Hey, Spook.” I call out to the crazy girl with the parachute, “What have you done this time?”

“Sky diving lessons. Not a good idea!” She calls back, a little breathlessly. She is red-faced and I don’t think just from all the excitement.

“Tut, tut,” I become my thespian self, and put on a disapproving voice, before grinning and returning to my normal fourteen-year-old persona.

 The new people aren’t making their way to the Thor’s boat yet, so I decide to stop unlacing my blue-leopard-print converses and move over to chat to some of this group.

 “Hey, I’m kind of looking for some adventure. Do you know when-if-we are leaving?” I nervously ask one of the people playing with the golden sand on the nearby beach.

It’s strange…I think I’ve seen her face before…

The End

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