With AJAwesome

"Well," I paused, "most are at the beach in the sea, want to come?" 

"Sure, let's roll!" Spook replied, "Look! There's UberEvilAngel! Cya Hummingbird!" Spook ran off to Uber and greeted her, laughing and chatting. I smiled and thumped my bum down on the warm sand, shoving my camera in my bag. 

Ahh, so sunny. I love sun, and rain, and all types of weather really. I'm so happy here with all my friends. Actually, how did I get here? I remember going for a walk and then...of course, a coconut fell on my head and I woke up here. That makes sense. Suddenly I saw AJ playing in the sand. I walked over and sat next to her, she looked up at me awkwardly.

"You might know me, I write in the hideout with you? You're Ivory in it," I smiled down at her.

"Oh yeah! You're Corby! Well actually Hummingbird but you know. How are things there?" she asked happily.

"Good, Nathan's hurt but we're fixing him up, etc etc." I grinned.

"Cool, I'm just, making sandcastles.I made one but Thor," she paused and frowned at him, he chuckled," knocked it down so I'm making another one."

"Awesome." I smiled.

The End

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