I looked down at Thor, "Erm...thanks but nah, I'll just take some photos," I sighed. He stepped out of the water and ruffled his wet hair.

"Come on, it's really shallow, why are you scared?" he asked.

"Oh, well, my uncle kinda died when he jumped into a shallow canal and cracked his head open. I've never liked water after that," I mumbled, turning to him and lifting my camera to my eye. He grinned and I snapped a shot of him.

"Sorry," he put his hand on my shoulder. I sat down on the sand. 

"Don't worry, it wasn't you who killed him. I'm gonna' go help Spook. I won't spoil your fun!" I laughed and he waved me goodbye as he jumped into the water and I ran over to a huddle of palm trees where Spook hang upside down, the blood rushed to her head so she was bright red. 

"Hummingbird! Do you think you could get me down from here?" She asked, laughing. 

"Ah Spook, what are you getting yourself tangled in these days. I bet in a few minutes you'll be strangled in seaweed!" Then taking a picture of her, I attempted to the parts she was tangled in.


The End

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