Shy And Stealthy Angel

I climbed that huge tree, and onto the top of the house. I walked with my arms out, and saw a little window. I made my way to it. I dropped my bag onto a bed below, then slid in myself. I took my bag, and walked down the stairs. I looked around. No one was there. I gulped, and sat down in a corner.

I'm UberEvilAngel. I'm the shy strange kid. I have long light brown hair, dark blue eyes that change green, light blue and even a bit of purple sometimes (don't ask me why). You will most likely see me sat in a corner reading, or out in a field finding flowers for aromatherapy, or walking along roofs and climbing trees.

I curled up, and pulled out my favorite story, 'The Nightingale and The Rose', and began to read to myself. I finished, and looked out a window. I saw a beach, and decide to go out. I put the book in my bag, and went outside. I walked to the sand, and  walked over to a rock, and sat with my toes in the warm sea. A little way away, I saw a group of people. One turned, and waved to me. I smiled, and waved back.

The End

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