I can't swim...

I slowly walked across the long beach, stopping occasionally and taking pictures with my Nikon D40. I didn't have a clue what I was doing wearing shoes on a beautiful beach like this. I walked over to the sea and stared at my reflection.

My short black hair fell down at the sides of my face as I looked down, I stared into my dark navy blue eyes with a brown blob by my pupil. I had quite a young face considering I was fourteen, and I was quite short. I was about to take a photo of my reflection when Thor popped up from the water.

"Oh! Hola Thor!" I smiled.

"Hey Hummingbird, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"I actually have no idea." I sighed.

"Well hey, why don't you come for a swim to my boat?" he offered.

"I have my camera with me." I tried to make up excuses.

"Dump it in your back and leave it on the beach, come on hop in!" he shouted, diving back under the water and swimming off a few metres away. I paused. "Come on Hummingbird, what are you afraid of?" he called, laughing with Anna. 

"Well, it sounds stupid but...I kinda can't swim!" I called back, embarrassed.

The End

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