A familiar smile.

It was Angel, looks like she had seen me out on this hopefully spectacular journey. I laugh that the bus has managed to find its way into the underworld. I always knew it was capable of alot but never that much hehe.

I can help wondering if this will end up somewhere extraordinary aswell.

There were quite a few more people now but I had been daydreaming. Seemed we were now on a beach, I love beaches, they always remind me of being small, well much smaller than I am now. I pick a small peice of twig from someones hair. She arrived slightly after me and has been shedding leaves since.

In my bag I've made sure I have a few things, just incase for this journey. I have a frying pan, my ipod, and my phone. The frying pan was for many purposes. For one I could hit things with it, and secondly even in raymears extreem survival he still has a frying pan.

I feel maybe I should talk to a few more people. I don't want to be branded as a quiet one, I've never been quiet, even my first words were probably loud.

Thor is the clear leader here so I go over and talk to him.

"So we need the boat right?" I casually start the conversation. I'm not a strong swimmer so I dont think I can get it.

The End

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