Enter Angel

I don’t know how to sail a boat but I need to make my way off the mainland for a while. To relax and take time to forget my miserably uninteresting life. I have my laptop with me and am searching through the boat-renting agencies, but none of them seem to have boats that leave on Sundays. Curses! And I wanted to leave today!

 I see a group of people at the harbour, being lead by a guy about my age. He is pointing out to a small boat that I missed when I scanned the harbour earlier and does a spectacular dive into the water, soaking several of the people around him. As I close my laptop with a ‘click’ and stand up, I see a figure I vaguely recognise. Anna! Boy, it’s good to see someone I know in this strange new environment.

 I run up to her and announce:

“Hey, Anna! D’you remember me? Angel? From The Bus?”

Okay that’s not like me; I can't normally just waltz up to someone I hardly know and greet them so boldly.

“Okay, maybe you don’t…I arrived a bit after you left…”  I start to say to her confused expression, but she interrupts me with a slightly uncertain, “Yeah, I remember you! How is the Bus, by the way?”

“Yeah, good, but I’m only just hanging on with my fingernails, as The Bus slips into the underworld…”

Anna stares at me for a second, before making her way into the sea below us…

 My mostly-blue-but-occasionally-turquoise eyes look down at the inky water and my white cat-scratched hands attempt to pull my fuzzy golden hair back into a pony-tail without any hair-ties. Right now I do some major hesitating-I don’t want tot get wet. I’m not vain-I just don’t feel like a swim today. And the icy water won’t help my winter cold.

 I sneeze, the loud “Ach-hoo!” attracting the attention of the others in the group. Some look surprised to see a new member, other look at me apprehensively. Really I don’t blame them-I don’t look my best today. I am wearing black tracksuit bottoms with a two-part mud-brown top criss-crossed with diamond patterns of varying colours from bright lipstick red and grape purple to olive green and slate grey. Over the top I am wearing an un-matching worn sky blue jumper. I like un-matching things; they’re my trademark fashion. Also the man I love does it too…But that’s another story…

 To top all the scruffiness of my outfit off, the on-coming storm is starting to blow my frizzy curls around. I’m sure it’s ruining my metallic sapphire eye shadow as well!

I notice that while I’ve been worrying about my appearance, nearly the entire group is in the water on their way to the boat. I make my choice.

 “Wait!” I call to the remaining girl who is about to get join the others.

The End

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