The Boat

"Follow Me!"  I called out to the rest of them.  It was a windy day, and small waves rolled up on the beach.  Luckily, we weren't at the other side of Lanikai beach (Which was by the way rated best beach in the world, and I can see it from my window every day.  Not to braggg . . .) which was covered in tourists.  this portion of it was mostly desilet, the sand left untouched by hundreds of footprints.

Two islands, they were called the Mokuluas, sat right next to each other about a mile off shore.  As we came around a bend in the beach, we saw not only another island, this one called Flat Island because it was, Well . . . very flat, and a boat anchored a little ways off shore.  I knew how to drive it from lessons with my dad.  On it was at least a years worth supply of food (Myd dad always makes sure that we have enough to last encase we need to leave.  superstition almost), and en extra motor encase the sails broke, or we needed to go upwind or something.

"Alright.  Who's ready to swim out there?"  I said, and then in one motion, tore off my shirt and dove in, making my way to the boat.

The End

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